in vitro | Enclave 2

A new incubation programme for emerging curators facilitated by Gossamer Fog & Enclave Projects with the support from Arts Council England.


HYPA-PHIXED | 26 April - 19 May

Artists: Joey Holder / BORA / 00 Zhang / Yifan Hé / Charly Ivy / Jenn Leung / Romane Courdacher

Performances: Soojin Chang & M. Elizabeth Scott / David Varhegyi / Phantom Arena /  Sarahsonn /  Giora / 飞飞  /  Kiik Amor

Friday 26 April: Eternal Now, a durational, participatory performance by Soojin Chang & In collaboration with M. Elizabeth Scott & Romane Courdacher  

Saturday 27 April: 144.44@pp_machine_x3, performance by Yifan Hé & xiaoyu1002 

Saturday 4 May:  BEACON: for the gig economy, performance by David Varhegyi

Saturday 11 May: PHANTOM ARENA, with performances from QingQing Liu& Lina Deng, Ellen Gilbert, and Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou

Saturday 18 May: HYPA-PHIXED Final event @ in vitro & Alt_R with performances from Sarahsson, Kiik Amor, Giora &飞飞

Have you ever wondered what It might be like to just rip off your face, just like.. rip it off? become a hypa-god, a demon-lord? Eternally now, Eternally hypa-present?.. Eternally phixed, phixated???

I’ll ask you once but I won’t ask you again. You are not present, you don’t experience, you fall at the rotational frequencies, do not come here…

You reflect light, you see aura, you burst light, you feel flora. Come the creatures, come the faithful fail from among the children. You are welcome here… Angel Plasma, Organ Fountain, speak OH spring song spirits, angels breath, exxtra spirit, accept force, come be with it.

The gig-economy rules us, owns us, develops a soul within ours, techno-c*nting-utopia, I eat my phone and it becomes…

Fangs of essence, nails for eyes, soft creatures present, absorb the cries.. Fluffy muffin, fluffy fluffy muffin puffin.

The Portal is open, throw in your dreams, throw in your angels + demons, it can only get better? Or hypa-phixatedly worse? Or maybe awe inspired beautifully hypa-crafted? CRADAPTED, HYPA-PHIXED, DOLPHIN-PLASTIC, GLASSCORE-TASTIC.

Souls upon flesh nor flesh upon souls, Welcome.

Curated by Kiik Amor / Jordan Edge

Interrestris Macrocosmus | 21 March - 7 April

Camille Dunlop /  Gabriel Good / Ximming Cai

‘Interrestris Macrocosmus’ is a speculative Latin phrase, describing the ‘universes between earthly things’.

The exhibition addresses how we interface with digital landscapes. Rather than treating the tangibility of hyper realistic scenes, whether computer or oil paint generated, as ornamental, we believe it to be worth considering the consequences of the act of world-building, and our perceived proximity to the world rendered.

The works in this exhibition create new unearthly landscapes through re-embodying the act of physical craft while working in digital media. Through painting, choreographing, and sculpting a route from tactility to tangibility these artists reveal their relationships to physical environments, grasping the ephemeral and rendering it material in digital worlds.

Curated by Tom&Tom

Thomas McLucas

Tom Hunter

Linked Out: Logged in | 22 February - 9 March 

Aleksy Domke / Audrey Lung / Romane Courdacher / Bea Xu / Gil Altarace Sherman / Maximilian Prag / Sam Stewart / Lina Deng / Billy Crosby / Tom McVeigh / David Varhegyi / Malu Laet / Celeste Viv Ly

The purpose of reimagining toyetic products’ physical existence is to reflect on real-life events such as Disney characters entering the public domain, the growing Otaku (Japanese; people with consuming interests in anime, manga, video games, or computers) and Hikikomori (Japanese; a form of severe social withdraw mostly on adolescence or young men) population since the 1980s’ Japanese sub-culture boom, and the rise of collectable toys craze around the same period. In a period where these factory-made objects can fetch hundreds of thousands, such as the Barbie auctioned in 2010 (sold for $302,500) at Christie’s, is a new reality being formed through people’s constant familiarity with the fictional? And with the accelerating production and profiting off of new characters, how will these currently existing characters be seen?

Curated by Nina Wong