in vitro | Enclave 2

A new incubation programme for emerging curators facilitated by Gossamer Fog & Enclave Projects with the support from Arts Council England.


Linked Out: Logged in | 22 Feb - 9 March 2024

Aleksy Domke / Audrey Lung / Romane Courdacher / Bea Xu / Gil Altarace Sherman / Maximilian Prag / Sam Stewart / Lina Deng / Billy Crosby / Tom McVeigh / David Varhegyi / Malu Laet / Celeste Viv Ly

The purpose of reimagining toyetic products’ physical existence is to reflect on real-life events such as Disney characters entering the public domain, the growing Otaku (Japanese; people with consuming interests in anime, manga, video games, or computers) and Hikikomori (Japanese; a form of severe social withdraw mostly on adolescence or young men) population since the 1980s’ Japanese sub-culture boom, and the rise of collectable toys craze around the same period. In a period where these factory-made objects can fetch hundreds of thousands, such as the Barbie auctioned in 2010 (sold for $302,500) at Christie’s, is a new reality being formed through people’s constant familiarity with the fictional? And with the accelerating production and profiting off of new characters, how will these currently existing characters be seen?

Curated by Nina Wong